How Does Cosmetic
Stem Cell Therapy Work?

How Does Cosmetic Stem Cell Therapy Work?

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  • Learn About the Procedure and the Science Behind It

    For the first time ever, over a million stem cells can be delivered into the skin without trauma, creating an unparalleled wave of regenerating factors. Through a unique process, our medical team places the stem cells directly into the skin's dermal layer. Here, the cells can engraft or bind to the dermal tissue, which allows them to live for weeks rather than a just few hours.

    It is this sustained wave of regenerative factors that creates a dramatic change the within skins dermal microenvironment, resulting in the growth of new collagen and elastin within the dermal matrix.


    The N-Graft procedure’s results are significant, almost like Botox for life!

    Before/After N-Graft
    N-Graft Face


    Advanced Regenerative Cosmetics offers treatments for hair loss in men and women

    N-Graft Hair

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    Older Procedures vs. N-Graft

    It would take nearly 1,000 Injections of Fat Derived Stem Cells to equal just 1 injectionof ARC’s N-Graft procedure, which provides 1 Million Stem Cells


    Platelet Rich Plasma

    There are No stem cells in PRP. PRP is from your own blood and has many factors to help improve the microenvironment of whatever tissue it is placed into. However, these growth factors are simple proteins that break down in 6-8 hours.


    Fat Derived Stem Cells

    Fat derived stem cells are isolated liposuction. A tiny percentage of this product does in fact contain real stem cells. This translates to 50-100 Stem Cells per 1 cc or ml of fat harvested.

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    ARC brings together a team of exceptional Physicians and University Scientiststo provide maximum benefit for their patients

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